ARSENAL BS-16 Ballistic Scanner

Papilon BS-16 is a complete solution for examining and identifying criminal evidence that are obtained from fire-arm related crimes.

  • Clear Image acquisition from bullets and cartridge cases in one device.
  • Advanced comparison algorithms
  • Comprehensive examination on fired ammunition components
  • Identification of the bullets that are shot by the same gun
  • Operator-friendly land, groove and skid mark outlining in coding module
  • Extensive alphanumerical data menu
  • Comprising full range of calibers.


ARSENAL BS-16 Ballistic Scanner
  • Multivariate lighting options to better scanning a surface of both bullets and cartridge cases
  • High resolution scanning of groove and land impressions
  • Multi-bullet scanning tool (up to 10 bullet)
  • Advanced Analysis tools

Now 3D Visualisation of Bullets and Cartridge Cases.