Access Control and Tracking System

GWI is an access control system that offers wide range of access, time and attendance control with various application fields with an optional help of biometric modalities. The system is generally located to the entrances/exits of a pre-determined territory. Having an access terminal which is fitted with a turnstile enables people to transit.
It is designed to meet two significant necessities that are Access Control and Time and Attendance.

Application Fields

  • Office Premises
  • Laboratories
  • Sensitive Sites
  • Warehouses

Access Control

Combined with a card that is given by the institution in which employee has been working;  customised database is assigned to the GWI system.

  • Restriction/Prohibition to specific venues, areas
  • Keeping emloyees demographic records as well as portraits.

Time and Attendance

When an employee wants to enter or exit, the system acquires the time, the duration s/he remained outside and so on.

  • Labour time scheduling is facilitated
PAPILON GWI - Access Control and Tracking System
Being constructed with modular structure, biometric verification system and devices can be easily embodied into GWI.