Access Control System

Papilon GK-01 is a system specially desigend for access control at the high level of security demanding sites. It is an ad hoc designed compact and fast system, which provides high quality fingerprinting even under extreme climate conditions and fingerprints from dry and wet fingers. High capacity internal database, wide variety of connection interfaces and easily manageable database structure by APFIS make GK-01 a brilliant choice as an access control system when utmost level of security is needed.

Fields of Usage

  • High security governmental buildings,

  • Critical sites such as weapons factories, test preparation facilities,

  • Critical warehouses,

  • To conclude, each site that needs ultimate level of security.

Transition and Access Control

  • Provides high level of security by storing complete tenprint card sets which include personal demographics data and photos.

  • Thanks to the prism heating technology, it is possible to acquire high quality fingerprint images even under -40 centigrade degrees.

  • Its optical technology makes it possible to acquire fingerprint images from extremely wet or dry skin (FBI certificated DS-21/LS-01 single fingerprint scanner is integrated).

GK-01 - Access Control System