Biometric Integrated Automatic Gates System

Hassle-Free transitions in approximately 15 Seconds. Even in the busiest, extremely crowded airports.

Biometric Integrated Automating Gates System – as known as BEOGS – is an biometric access control terminal: comprising two or more biometric modalities to increase the security of borders. This ground-breaking system consists of two main steps which are studiously sculpted for an aim to attain the level of optimal security at airports.



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The software enables to add or removal of biometric or non-biometric components; being fully modifiable to given request.

The system is monitored by an operator upon one screen displaying the transitioning progress.

BEOGS is first project ever held by means of controlling the border security of the Republic of Turkey. BEOGS is being set at the international departures and arrivals terminal at Istanbul Atatürk International Airport and interoperated with Turkish national automated palm and fingerprint identification system.

Meeting up and above all of the security standards.

BEOGS has recognized by most of the leading organizations throughout the world.

  • Fast and accurate data flow is realised amongst law enforcement, passport control officers and airport security
  • Low-risk passengers do not be disturbed
  • Labour force is reduced
  • Entry/exit records can be kept systematically
  • Statistics can be formed based on border crossings
  • Data processing of passengers is eased
  • Fake ID cases are prevented

First at Border Crossings: Skeleton Analysis

Skeleton Analysis technology enables to monitor human motions within a particular path. This ground-breaking technology is developed by Papilon Savunma for the first time. The technology based on the extraction of a human’s skeleton map due to infra-red lights.

Utilizing that sort of technology in border crossing security makes possible to monitor passenger transitions as well as illegal crossing attemps.