It has been 25 years since Papilon manufactured its first fingerprint scanner and presented as a system to the users. In those 25 years, 46 varities of products have been produced and 2.500.000 strings of codes have been written. We thank law enforcement institutes of more than 20 countries for taking us to this point. For them to imbue us with the idea “Real identification is the identification made on the field.” Today, this idea made us an industrial leader of the biometrical identification sector. 46 different types of products have been innovated, more than 2.500.000 strings of codes are written, 25 years passed, there is one thing that never wore off, never diminished, never held back: our enthusiasm to work with the national law enforcers of different countries to create value added to the biometrical identification technologies, innovation with ever increasing know-how in R&D, energy to provide new generations of security systems.

  • On 13th November 2016, the PAPILON company is celebrating its silver jubilee. Here are some results of its twenty-five years’ way.