Having started to use Papilon Systems and Products this year, Papilon’s Shared R&D results makes noticeable difference to the security needs of Indian Police forces. Latest development efforts of Papilon Savunma gives perfect hit after replacing famous brand products at site.
Comments from the Indian Police forces prove once again that using latest technology and the more scientific approaches helps to identify more crimes.

Indian Police is Impressed with Papilon AFIS System and Products

As it has been published in Indian local media on many occasions, in a recent panel, a top Indian Police official from Telangana was expressing their excitement indicating that police staff patrol cars can check fingerprint of suspects instantly with this technology, in contrast to the traditional method of sending the fingerprints to the commissioner’s office and then to CID, thus, spending a lot of valuable time just to verify.

Additionally, even if the fingerprint is half or incomplete, or in the case of overlap of fingerprints by the owner of a house and a burglar, the technology can easily separate them.

With the help of this technology, the Telangana Police were able to solve around 600 crimes just in less than six months since the start of the system. It is always reasonable to foresee how important to get the advantage of science while installing such biometric systems.

Papilon Savunma is fully dedicated to scientific approaches more than puzzle-likely gathered approaches from 3rd party systems. The power of identification accuracy is resulted by the whole chain including scanner HW, matching algorithms, extraction algorithms and whole management based on the whole life cycle of evidences and impressions.