Within the context of the readmission aggrements between European Union and Turkey, the return of the refugees who migrated Greek islands has begun. Under the project of biometric data management of refugees; the biometric datum which came from EU’s biometric database were processed in the Papilon central data processing database and made ready by the time the refugees landed to Turkey borders. The ID verifications of the refugees who came with the boats are done, to determine whether they are the exact same person with the ones in the EU database. For those who have not been matched in the system, related law enforcement is immediately notified.

The engineers of Papilon Savunma indicated that the biometric data of 131 individuals are being processed hassle-free and fast paced, using Papilon Express ID Check System.

The return news went mainstream media, as such

TRT 1 Main News Bulletin: 

Show TV Main News Bulletin:

Kanal D Main News Bulletin:

CNN World News: http://edition.cnn.com/2016/04/04/europe/eu-turkey-refugee-deal/index.html

BCC World News: http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-35956836

Retrieved from Reuters: “A few dozen police and immigration officials waited outside a small white tent on the quayside at Dikili as the returned migrants disembarked one by one, before being photographed and having their fingerprints taken behind security screening.”   


Retrieved from JapanTimes: “He [Mustafa Toprak, the governor of Izmir,] said once Turkish authorities matched the migrants’ fingerprints with those sent by the Greek authorities and carried out medical checks, they would be sent on to centers outside the region.”