Papilon Savunma was honored with the visit of a team of high level security officials from the Criminal Investigation Departments (CID) of Tanzania Police and of Tanzania Army (TPDF), who attended a one week intensive program on Biometric Security application methods and related security issues during the second week of November 2017 at our Company Headquarters in Ankara. As part of the program, the visiting team had chance to see comprehensive presentations and demonstrations of ballistics and biometrics systems and products, and to explore advanced technological equipment of Papilon Savunma.

High Level Criminal Investigation Officials from Tanzania Participated Papilon Savunma Program

The team members expressed their admiration at the state-of-the-art technology biometrical identification using palm and fingerprints, iris, face recognition, and ballistics systems and products as well as solutions about video analysis and virtual reality.

High Level Criminal Investigation Officials from Tanzania Participated Papilon Savunma Program

They were especially impressed with the most accurate and fast results of the queries in the Automated Palmprint and Fingerprint Identification System – APFIS/AFIS.

They indicated that Turkey is not a “developing” country but rather a “developed” country, as they can truly see it in the advanced products and systems of Papilon Savunma.

During the program, in addition to the presentations and demonstrations at Papilon Laboratories, some field visits to the Directorate of the Criminal Department and Passport Department of Turkish Police were also conducted. During these visits, both parties emphasized their pleasure about increasing security and development cooperation between Turkey and Tanzania, and wished for its further continuation.

The visitors also mentioned that Turkey and Turkish companies are in a better position to understand and address the security challenges of Africa, because of the mere fact that Turkey has vast experience on security issues peculiar to Middle East and Africa.

The visitors also had a chance to visit recently opened Tanzania Embassy in Ankara together with Papilon members. The Hon. Ambassador Elisabeth Kiondo thanked for the visit.