(noun): Papilon’s iris based access control modules.

What is Zirkon?

Zirkon is an access control unit consisting of an iris scanner and a local dataset. Iris, which is originally a muscle tissue  and determines the ideal amount of light to which the eyes are exposed, forms during embryonic gestation randomly. This makes each iris unique making each an ideal measure of authenticity. This is why, iris is one of the most reliable biometric features and increases the accuracy of biometric systems relying on iris.

How Does Zirkon Work?

The iris images of people who are authorized to access a specific area are recorded and stored in Zirkon’s local dataset. When a person wishes to enter or exit a Zirkon-protected premise, they approach to the Zirkon iris scanner. The iris scanner has a reflecting scanning surface, allowing the people to see the position of their eyes. The suystem guides the users via vocal directiosn to help them position their eyes correctly. As soon as the eyes are correctly located within the frame of the scanner, Zirkon catches the iris image and digitizes it for data security, then compares this digitized data to the ones stored in the dataset. If it finds a matching record, it triggers the doors or turnstiles integrated to the system, and enables access.

Why Zirkon?

1- High Accuracy Rate

Zirkon uses iris, one of the most valuable of all biometric measures, and this increases Zirkon’s match accuracy, and therefore, reliability.

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2- Stand Alone Mode

Zirkon can be used as a standalone access control unit without being integrated to another dataset or module. Its ergonomic design that fits a myriad of functions in one unit make Zirkon ideal to be used in temporary settlements such as refugee camps, and eliminates the cost and burden of installing larger units.

3- Fast Inquiry

Zirkon scans, digitizes, and matches an iris image under two seconds.

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Papilon Zirkon

4- Infrared Light Function

Zirkon sends rays of infrared light to keep the ligthing conditions of the environment jeopardize the quality of the scans or intervene with the scanning procedure. That way, Zirkon can function under night or dim light without compromising the quality of the scans.

5- Moveable Sensor Head

Zirkon’s moveable head is specifically designed to capture the iris under ideal light, scan the eyes of people with different height, and to allow the scanner to scan a wider image to ensure the completeness of the image.


Where to Use Zirkon?

Zirkon can be used as a standalone access control unit or in integration with various biometric modules at refugee camps to protect the refugees from exploitation and hate crimes, at private enterprises to keep digital logs of employee attendance to to measure organizational efficiency, and to limit access to critical centers such as nuclear power plants, national laboratories, and at places that are under continuous threat such as government buildings.

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When Will You Need Zirkon?

You will need Zirkon when you want to perform effective access control at crowded areas that host şmmigrabts, refugees, and asylum seekers, to measure organization efficiency via your employees’ attendance records, and when you want to benefit from the accuracy to protect critical centers and places that are in a constant need for high-level security.

Who Can Use Zirkon?

Using Zirkon does not require technical expertise. Operating the device requires only a glance towards the scanner’s frame. However, tasks such as registering persons and creating the local dataset are performed by Papilon’s expert team during the installation process.


Papilon Zirkon4


1-N and 1-1 inquiry

Integratable to local and central databases

Integration to the central data system via network-based communication

Fast and accurate recognition

Standalone mode

Integration to physical access-limiting equipment such as electronic gates, turnstiles, and barriers


User-friendly design with reflecting scanning surface
Expandable capture range thanks to the moving head
Turkish voice command system
Quick integration and software support
Minimum FAR and FRR
Compatibility with IP20 standards
Infrared lighting for night mode
Visual ques to manifest enabled or denied access
User friendly interface and vocal cues
Two CMOS cameras
Zirkon-4 iris scanner is certified by the Ethical Committee