Young Revolutions, Rejuvenating Revolutions

One of the key lines of our Tenth Year March, “We have created fifteen million youngs from all
ages in ten years.” is not solely a figure of speech, nor is it sheer hyperbole. It is a hail to the
never-ending energy of a nation keeping alive and maintaining its own revolution. Mostly,
advancement and maturity, that is aging, are considered to be akin. It is possible to read the
connection between these two as a flow of energy. The energy the individual has spent in time
turns into the output of life capital. As life progresses, what we lost in time returns to us as a
product. Naturally, as the product increases the individual becomes smaller, as the product
abounds, its producer loses his vigor and power. In fact, it is a sort of transformation imitating
the natural circle. The ripening fruit falls on the ground and nutrifies the newly growing buds and
sprouts. However, at the times when it comes up and grows, this exchange upsets, all elements of
natural cycle grow and mature together. The best example of the revolutionary times is surely the
spring awakening nature. Every element in nature awakens, revives and matures together. The
nature rejuvenates as it is aging.
Regarded as the spring of life, youngster too is such a phase. The individual both gets on in
years and revives mentally. His awareness, sensitivity, power, understanding and strength
increase. Yet the advancement is not the result of two such costs as exhaustion and decline, but
the results of two such rewards as strengthening and improvement.
That is the reason why the founder of our Republic Mustafa Kemal Atatürk dedicated the
day he started the independence struggle to the youth and saw them as the wealth and metaphor
of the Republican revolutions Atatürk identified the awakening of a nation with that of the nature
in spring, with that of youthening phase and set the independence struggle with a revival and
development story.
In the 21 st century when the life is reconstructed by every new technology, in an age when
our way of doing somethings changes continuously, when we learn and improve each passing
day, we need the vision of Atatürk identifying improvement and youthening more than ever in
order to make Turkey one of the leaders of the technological revolution. Our revival and
improvement story must inspire us on this. We are inspired by our own Revolution in order to
find new ways to communicate, to thrust, to approve, to fulfill our longing and to struggle. We
are relatively new in this race, but our independence story tells us that the new is not
synonymous with inexperience but the liveliness. While we are making every effort to make
Turkey one of the leading countries in technological revolution, we hope to youngster and renew
us. Each passing day, we are working to succeed in a revolution rejuvenating and reviving the
whole nation by young and energetic minds brought into our fold and by their dynamism and
new ideas. A hundred and two years ago, setting out with the aim of founding a youngster

republic out of a “sick man” with the struggle and determination of their youngs, our leaders
have prescribed us to establish a system rejuvenating while aging. As we are celebrating the
Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, we would like you to know that we adhere
to this prescription, and we invite those youngs who are keen on technology, new and renewal to
take part in this revolution.


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