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We are living in a time when we know that the ways of learning, life, work and entertainment are completely different from each other. Yet we still continue to
make people get up as early as six o’clock in the morning, dress hurriedly and start a busy schedule. Until home confinement due to Covid-19 restrictions, even we were not aware of the time lost by dresses and ornaments decreasing our efficiency, by sitting positions, by lunching out. It is a fact that adding the utility bill, rent and energy burden of the business offices, we have a quite inefficient system. Some business owners face into “anywhere with wireless access” have already begin to set up companies forking for twenty four hours a week with employees from over 90 countries. However, possibilities of working at home increased more than ever before.

Work-life, after the pandemic
In this new order, as the productive part of the society, it is already time to become aware of/realize how to use the developing technologies to our advantage.“Wework” company, which was founded in 2010, offers offices and facilities to employees in online environments, has now reached 3.2 billion in value as of 2020. Examples like these give us enough evidence of the direction in which workspaces are headed. If we decide to encourage company employees to work alternately or permanently online, we may face some difficulties. There are, of course, technologies that will make it easier to cope with the new order’s challenges.

Security of shared documents and wet signature requirements,
It may be a matter of concern whether many documents shared within the company that require confidentiality reach the right hands. Documents that can be accessed by only entering personal passwords may not feel secure enough in some situations.
In such cases, in addition to the programs that offer many extra securities, we can be sure that only the documents that people need to reach can be reached with the See & Sign. In addition, the delivery and sharing of the documents will be done online, making it much easier to keep their records. The logic of the wet signature is to make sure that the person signs it himself. In this case, once we are sure that it is the authorized person to approve the face recognition system, we can quickly and safely handle the documents that the company owners need to sign or the approval processes of customers who are not available to come face to face. Thanks to such opportunities, together with the time and security you can save, both the efficiency and the image of the company are increased.

Technology that brings different worlds together,
In an episode of a famous American sitcom, a boss had to merge his long-established company with a new generation because he and his company were unable to/could not adapt to the technological enhancements. In that same episode, the boss was suffering from online meeting difficulties and he couldn’t prevent himself from complaining and at one point he was saying, “why can’t we properly sit around a table and have a decent meeting?” He learned in return that most employees attending these online conferences are in different countries or they have other inconveniences. Here, we know that in a global world, there are many different ways to be together even if not everyone is physically together in situations such as trainings, customer visits or recruiting employees from different countries. Collective chats over the internet have already become a part of our daily lives. In addition, technologies where the images from the camera are processed and 3D models of the body are generated are no longer a science fiction movie scene. You can bring different worlds together with this technology, which you can access by visiting our website.

New generation and technology,
In our world where even the education and the entertainment system have completely changed, from a realistic point of view, it wouldn’t be so reliable to think that the working methods won’t be changing in the future. Research shows that millennial children prefer to work for experience rather than working for property.
Children of this technology age prefer companies that meet their expectations. With many opportunities developed to control the efficiency of the employees, their loyalty to the company and their performance can be controlled by companies. Unnecessary expenses such as large-scale rents, bills, parking lot problems that will put both company owners and our world into trouble can be significantly reduced by making a few changes. In this way, investments can be used for things that can improve the company.
As a result, we all try to be happy and productive in our business life where we spend most of our day. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to offer methods suitable for the differences of individuals, to adapt to developments as much as possible and keep up with the modern days.


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