We Commemorate Our Great Leader

Papilon Haberler Atatürk

“…His fate and fame shall be

An echo and a light unto eternity!”

Eighty one years ago, on November 10th, this nation was struck with the greatest of griefs upon the loss of its visionary and heroic leader; Kemal Atatürk. However, the endearment and loyalty this nation has for his ideals and his legacy shows that death is nothing but a phase of transformation for true leaders like him. We know that he lives on in every advancement and every big step of this country and in every single endeavor of its daughters and sons to keep and cherish their glorious home.

Today, we commemorate our great leader. We would like to echo a headline in Ulus Newspaper read on November 11, 1938; “You lost your savior and your greatest son, the Turkish Nation, may your life be long.” for his life and ideals are reborn with us every day, for he lives in us all…


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