We Commemorate Atatürk

10 Kasım

Atatürk means “the forefather  of Turks”. Forefathers or ancestors are leaders, pillars, and springs of wisdom for many societies. They lead the way to profound change but also protect what is essential. They constitute and shape the identity of the societies to which they belong. They are like the roots that keep a plant alive and strong and help it flourish. When  we see a tree adorned with fragrant and beautiful blooms, when we see a tree whose ripe and colorful fruits dangle down from the branches we know that the root is alive and strong. This why whenever a baby borns with the rights given to him through His efforts, whenever a child realizes the world is as wide as his imagination and that world is easy to navigate with the light of His vision, whenever a young woman succeeds, and whenever we gain a say, or become a key actor in in a global matter and whenever our efforts make a positive change in the world, we know that He lives with His lives in our ideas, vision, and energy. He is our spring and our inspiration.

We commemorate Him with respect, long,ng, love, and an infinite gratitude.



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