Papilon’s virtual reality applications and glasses open the doors of new worlds to you!

With Papilon’s virtual reality applications, you can transform into the heroes of the fireside stories and fairytales you heard as a child! You can live another time. In addition their entertainment-oriented uses, Papilon’s virtual reality solutions can aid you in a myriad of settings from hospitals to laboratories. All the components of Papilon’s VR solutions are produced with utmost attention paid to naturality and the reality of the experience, and it is ensured that the control is in the user’s hands.



Persee is the world’s first 3D computer. Standard 3D cameras require an external device or processor for the data collected to be analyzed and contextualized. With Persee, the data collected can be analyzed without an external processor. Persee consists of an Astra Pro 3D camera; depth sensors, infrared sensors, and a processor that could perform tasks such as skeleton and action analysis, gesture and facial expression analysis, environment mapping, and reconstructing a given environment in digital space. Persee can be used in many applications with an action analysis component and can help creating a better VR experience.

Astra is a 3D camera that is equipped with depth and infrared sensors. Thanks to its depth sensors, Astra can do skeleton analysis and body tracking without needing extra hardware. Body tracking feature allows Astra to do action, movement, and gesture analysis. This makes Astra an ideal companion to CCTV cameras and customer behavior analysis systems. Astra can be integrated with security cameras, and owing to its gesture analysis feature, can detect alarming gestures such as drawing a knife or hitting, and warn the authorities via the monitor or the computer system to which it is integrated. Astra can transfer data to a processor via Wi-Fi.