Two Visits in a Day

Fildişi Sahili’ni temsil eden ziyaretçiler

Nowadays there is a hustle and bustle going on at Papilon. To catch the beat of the fast-changing sector and to be the forerunner in the race to create meaningful innovation that will make life easier for individuals, institutions, and communities, our whole team is working hard. Sometimes, this anthill choreography is enriched by visitors who come to learn more about and test Papilon technologies. In recent weeks, we hosted representatives from Serbia and the Ivory Coast in our headquarters in Ankara.  The representatives of the Ivory Coast were very interested to hear about our ballistic identification and analysis system ARSENAL ABIS while the team from Serbia wanted to learn more about our security systems designed for correctional facilities and our inmate safety solutions. Papilon aims to be a part of the criminal justice revolution all around the world and technologize the criminal proceedings and practices in a way that will enhance justice. On this note, we thank our visitors for their interest in our solutions and hope that we can walk to a fairer future together.


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