The Year of “P”

2020 has been the year of the pandemic, that is for sure. However, it also has been a year of patience for we long awaited the arrival of a vaccine and stayed inside while waiting. It has been the year of power; the power of bonds established through countries and continents, between people who live thousands of miles apart, the power of optimism, and the power of the mind that ğrpduces solutions for every problem there is. It has been the year of preservation of hopes and plans. It has been the year of production with millions of masks, gallons of hand-sanitizers, loads of PPE , and many many technologies produced to help us get through. It also has been the year of Papilon.


With our many systems and technologies rolled out in 2020 to help you and your loved ones grow trust, love, knowledge, and peace, we feel more productive. As our civil systems enter your homes to enhance your comfort and happiness, we feel powerful. As our technologies connect people, we feel populous. As our systems bring ease to millions of lives and create social value, we feel proud. As we extend our net through families and societies, we become more.

2020 made Papilon plural.

Not Fast Forward, But Past Forward

In times of struggle, people seek a quick relief. They want to fast forward to a vague yet supposedly better future. However, in this age of technology, capability, and opportunity, we don’t need escapism. We don’t need the camera to cut to a happy ending. We need a continuum from experience to creation, from learning to execution. We need a collection of people, of effort, of creativity, and of solutions.

We need to “pass forward”. We need to take the struggles of the past to create solutions of the future. And for that, we need memory, your memory.

Share a particularly challenging moment from your time with the pandemic and tell us how it could be solved with technology!

For inspiration + innovation = prosperity.


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