The Bell Rang for Papilon at Borsa Istanbul (Istanbul Stock Exchange)

Trading of Papilon Stocks at Borsa Istanbul Started

Papilon Savunma, Turkey’s biometric security systems firm, formalized its public offering. The public offering was made in the form of shares that will be traded at Borsa Istanbul and the process was realized with the guidance of Gedik Yatırım. The firm’s shares started to be traded on Borsa Istanbul with the code PAPIL. During the initial offering, 3788 investors from 49 investment enterprises made offers that tenfolded the company’s turnover.

06.12.2019, Istanbul

Following the bell-ringing ceremony which was held on December 6th, 2019, the shares of the company which focuses on public and regional safety and offers identification and identity management services using biometrics, started to be traded on Istanbul Stock Exchange. The level of interest shown to Papilon shares by investors accentuated the promise of the company to make Papilon a leader in the global R&D and defense sector.

During the bell-ringing ceremony,  Papilon Savunma Chairman Mr. Murat Kerimoğlu, Head of Technic and Design Departments Ms. Banu Altay, Gedik Yatırım’ Chairman Mr. Erhan Topaç, CEO Mr. Onur Topaç, and Gedik’s General Manager Metin Ayışık delivered speeches that told the story of Papilon’s public offering. Deputy General Managers of Borsa Istanbul Mr. Mehmet Gönen and Dr. Korkmaz Enes Ergun, along with managers from the Council of the Capital Market, attended the ceremony.

Following the ceremony, Deputy Manager of Borsa Istanbul, Mr. Gönen delivered a speech stressing that Papilon is the sixth firm that has started to be traded publicly this year. “As a result of these public offerings, our firms received 264 million Turkish liras worth of funds in the course of 2019. With demands coming from 3788 investors and tenfolding its revenue, Papilon made a good start at Istanbul Stock Exchange. I would like to congratulate everyone who made this happen.” Mr. Gönen noted.

Papilon’s Chairman Mr. Murat Kerimoğlu started his speech by thanking each and every partner and employee who spared no effort to make Papilon’s public offering possible. Mr. Kerimoğlu said. “Our priority as Papilon Savunma was to ensure public safety and peace in our own country, to aid our law-enforcement agencies in their efforts, and to provide the most accurate information in the shortest span of time. I believe, today shows that we attained these goals.

Our Goal is to Lead the Way in High and New Technologies

Mr. Kerimoğlu continued his speech saying; “We stand in the honorable presence of you and our people today with our achievements and the value we created that is owed to the sacrifice and efforts of our engineers. Starting with today, we will have new partners. It is our most sincere wish and biggest goal to share this value we created, and sure will create in the future with them. This ceremony is a step towards making our development exponential and permanent, it is also a sign of our dedication to make history. Each phase of such transformative processes requires conscious and cooperative decision making. What is important for us is to utilize the power that is accumulated in past experience, not to surpass the past but to build upon it a ladder that will allow us to climb where we envision ourselves, bu cherishing and growing the values we created on the way. We aim to realize innovations that will make a difference in all the settings they are used, by leading the way in new and high technologies, and to do R&D to enhance the welfare of our people and the global welfare, in the end.

The Head of Technics and Design Departments at Papilon, Ms. Banu Altay, emphasized the importance of dynamism and group work in R&D during her speech. Ms. Altay said. “Today, I am here to represent our team of engineers who set great effort to lead their country to the technological advancements of tomorrow. From day one, our goal was not to be at the top of the quality or tech. scale, but to determine the scale itself; to recreate it with a determination for sustainability and with foresight. This was why, we started our journey with working with real actors, with real data, and on real situations despite all the risks. The consequence was the fastest and most accurate biometric technologies of the sector. For seven years now, we are working to nourish that competitive dynamism and build upon these achievements.


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