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Murat Kerimoğlu

Board Chairman

Ahmet Çağrı Demirtaş

Vice Chairman

Doğan Demir

Board Member

Feyza Arda

Independent Board Member

Handan Duray

Independent Board Member

Papilon Defence

Team of Leaders

Dr. Doğan Demir

Our General Manager Doğan Demir contributes to Papilon with his nineteen years of experience in the field. Dr. Demir weaves his work art Papilon around the principle; “A culture that is built upon scientific thought ensures that the torches of hope are always alight, and the hope we need is clustered around the question “How?” We know that we achieved our goals when understanding the way of things and an eternal supply of hope to try and retry are at the core of our culture.” and strives to build an organizational culture whose pillars are science, hope, and a sustainable and constantly renewed productiveness.

Banu Altay

Master of Technics
Our Leader of Technics Banu Altay contributes to the collective expertise of Papilon with her over twenty five years of experience. She shapes her role at Papilon around the ideal character of an engineer. Adopting the motto “Engineering is the fusion of a rich skill set and of theoretical knowledge. Positioning ourselves at the right point of this junction feeds our ability to think and understand like an engineer and our dare to imagine and realize what has not yet been conceptualized within theory. That way, we attain the chance to alter the chemistry and the course of our field”, Ms. Altay teaches our young engineers to approach problems from a solution-oriented angle, “how” and “where” to act, and how to best utilize the existing resources in the most reasonable, productive and economical way possible.

Ayda Soyay

Master of Business Development
Our Leader of Business Development Leader Ms. Ayda Soyay offers her over twenty years of experience to Papilon’s service. Living by the principle “If you want to go fast, walk alone, but if you want to go far, walk together!”, Ms. Soyay works to place an idealistic and futuristic vision at the core of all business moves and to ensure that her team and the Papilon family shares more than workday hours, they share a dream.

Murat Kerimoğlu

Master of Resources
Our Board Chairman Mr. Murat Kerimoğlu contributes to Papilon with his thirty three years of experience. His motto is “Whether you will reach your goal is about the path you choose at the beginning. If you choose the way of self-discipline, collaboration, and dedication, there surely will be a success story to tell.” In compliance with his motto, Mr. Kerimoğlu strives to shape Papilon in a way that it is hub where not only work hours but also ideas and success is shared and the employees cluster together in the best and the worst of the times.

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