Tanzanian Senior Officials from the Department of Criminal Investigations Joined Papilon’ Defense Program

Tanzanya’dan Üst Düzey Kriminal Daire Yetkilileri Papilon Savunma Programına Katıldı

In the second week of November 2017, Papilon had special guests from Tanzania. The Deputy Chief of Criminal Investigations of Tanzania and his entourage followed an intensive week-long program discussing the latest developments and security systems in the sector. Tanzanian public officials were introduced to Papilon’s biometric and ballistic systems through case presentations and demos.

The participants had the chance to observe Papilon’s identification products and systems such as finger and palm-prints scanners along with iris scanners and ballistic, virtual reality, and face recognition systems.

The visitors showed particular interest in APFIS/AFIS, Papilon’s fingerprint identification systems, and expressed their admiration of the system’s speed and accuracy.

At the end of their observations in Papilon, they stated that such technologies reclassify Turkey as a developed, not developing, country.

In addition to the aforementioned events and activities, the program also contained field visits to the Criminal Investigations and Passports units of  National Directorate of Turkish Police Force

Tanzanian officials stated that they hope their contact with Turkey to be long-lasting and acknowledged Turkey’s experiential expertise in matters of security that are peculiar to the Middle East and Africa.

The visitors also had a chance to visit recently opened Tanzania Embassy in Ankara together with Papilon members. The Hon. Ambassador Elisabeth Kiondo thanked for the visit.


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