Papilon Kayıp Alzheimer Hastaları ‘Parmak İzi’ ile Bulunacak!

Lost Alzheimer’s Disease Sufferers Will Be Found By Fingerprints!

In the past weeks, Denizli District Dİrectorate of Police started a project to find sufferers of Alzheimer’s disease who were reported missing. With this project,…

“Parmak izleri” Türkiye’den Krallığa Uzandı.

“Fingerprints” Reached From Turkey to the Kingdom

Papilon Savunma which won the tender started by the Police Forces of Kingdom of Bhutan, realized transformation from inked fingerprint records to digitalized fingerprint records….

Reina Saldırganı Terörist Parmak İzi ile Yakalandı

Reina Attacker Is Captured

Reina Attacker Who Is Identified By Fingerprints Also Confessed His Crime The terrorist who killed 39 people on the new year’s first hours in the…

14 Askerimizi Şehit Eden Hainin Kimliği Tespit Edildi

The Traitor Who Killed 14 Turkish Soldiers Is Identified

Kayseri Bomber Is Identified By His Fingerprints Suicide bomber terrorist who detonated himself in Kayseri, near a public bus and killed 14 Turkish soldiers who…

Terörü Lanetliyoruz

We Condemn Terror Attack in İstanbul

After the terror attack in Beşiktaş, İstanbul, 38 people marked as dead as of the latest briefings. The country declared national mourning for 1 day….

Cezaevi Güvenliğinde Yeni Dönem Papilon Sistemleri

New Era In Prisons Security

Biometrical Identification Systems Are Starting To Be Used In Turkey’s Prisons Registry, entry, exit and control processes of the convicts and prisoners in Turkey’s prisons…

Papilon - Parmak İzinden Kaçılamaz

Mission Impossible: Escape From Fingerprints

Escape Plan of the FETÖ Terrorist Organization Members Has Been Failed by Fingerprint Identification! On 25th of October, an operation was executed by the partnership…

We are condemning the terror attack in Ankara

The identity of terrorist has been revealed. After the terror attack caused 37 death in Ankara, one of the suspects’ identity is being revealed. According to…

BEOGS is featured at Star TV Main News Bulletin!

BEOGS, as being Turkey’s first ever e-gate and manufactured 100% Turkish-made, featured in Turkey’s mainstream TV channel Star TV. Serving at Istanbul Atatürk Airport over…