Papilon Savunma, Tataristan, Rusya ve Türkiye İş Forumu Davetlisi

Papilon is an Invitee of the Tatarstan, Russia and Turkey Business Forum

Papilon and its business partners exchanged views on the topic of commercial cooperation among countries as invitee of the Tatarstan, Russia and Turkey Business Forum…

Terörü Lanetliyoruz

We Condemn Terror Attack in İstanbul

After the terror attack in Beşiktaş, İstanbul, 38 people marked as dead as of the latest briefings. The country declared national mourning for 1 day….

Papilon Savunma, Ulusal Sosyoloji Kongresi Destekçisidir

Papilon Savunma is a Supporter of the National Congress of Sociology

VIII. National Congress of Sociology is Realized in Ankara with the Support of Papilon Savunma As Well By being one of the supporters of the…

Butan Krallığı’nda Papilon Savunma Damgası

Papilon Left Its Mark on the Kingdom of Bhutan

Papilon APFIS and LS is Installed on the 4 Cities of the Kingdom of Bhutan   As the first and only commercial relationship subject between…

Cezaevi Güvenliğinde Yeni Dönem Papilon Sistemleri

New Era In Prisons Security

Biometrical Identification Systems Are Starting To Be Used In Turkey’s Prisons Registry, entry, exit and control processes of the convicts and prisoners in Turkey’s prisons…

Bhutan Krallığı Kurulum Süreci Başladı

Kingdom of Bhutan ABIS Project Installation Process Has Begun

Papilon Savunma is at the Kingdom of Bhutan   The first and only commercial relationship between the Republic of Turkey and the Kingdom of Bhutan,…

Papilon - Parmak İzinden Kaçılamaz

Mission Impossible: Escape From Fingerprints

Escape Plan of the FETÖ Terrorist Organization Members Has Been Failed by Fingerprint Identification! On 25th of October, an operation was executed by the partnership…

Papilon Yeni Cezaevi Çözümünü İş Ortaklarına Tanıtıyor.

Papilon Presents The New Solution for Penitentiaries to The Business Partners.

Papilon Savunma presented the new and ready solution to the 4 Turkey-wide expert solution partners.   The solution full of innovation CZV01 is developed to…

Feast of Sacrifice

    As Papilon Savunma we celebrate your Feast of Sacrifice, we sincerely wish you a healthy and happy feast with your loved ones.  

Papilon Savunma, ISO/IEC 27001 Belgesini Aldı.

Papilon Savunma Obtained ISO/IEC 27001 Certificate.

Papilon Savunma’s information security infrastructure is now internationally guaranteed!   Papilon Savunma proved its reliability on information security by obtaining ISO/IEC 27001 Certificate. Our company…