“Parmak izleri” Türkiye’den Krallığa Uzandı.

“Fingerprints” Reached From Turkey to the Kingdom

Papilon Savunma which won the tender started by the Police Forces of Kingdom of Bhutan, realized transformation from inked fingerprint records to digitalized fingerprint records….

Butan Krallığı’nda Papilon Savunma Damgası

Papilon Left Its Mark on the Kingdom of Bhutan

Papilon APFIS and LS is Installed on the 4 Cities of the Kingdom of Bhutan   As the first and only commercial relationship subject between…

Bhutan Krallığı Kurulum Süreci Başladı

Kingdom of Bhutan ABIS Project Installation Process Has Begun

Papilon Savunma is at the Kingdom of Bhutan   The first and only commercial relationship between the Republic of Turkey and the Kingdom of Bhutan,…

Butan Krallığı AFIS Projesi, Geleneksel bir Seremoni ile İmzalandı

Kingdom of Bhutan Signed Major AFIS Contract with a Traditional Ceremony

Papilon is pleased to announce that the project ABIS (Automated Biometric Identification System) is signed by Royal Bhutan Police, Kingdom of Bhutan. The day happened…

Papilon Bhutan Krallığı AFIS İhalesini Kazandı

Papilon to Sign with Kingdom of Bhutan after Winning AFIS Tender

Papilon Savunma proudly announces that the tender of Kingdom of Bhutan RBP Criminal ABIS (Automated Biometrics Identification System) has been won. Almost 1 year of hardwork for the…