#StayInside Smart Notification System

Crımınal presedures

The globalized world’s problems are also global.

Thus, an economic or social crisis, war, civil disobedience, and epidemics hitting one corner of the world quickly spreads to other geographies affecting life, social structure, political atmosphere, trade, and even the wellbeing of citizens there. Today, there are no truly local crises. This requires the whole world respond to the problems sprouting in other countries in unity. The increasing hardship of containing problems within a certain radius poses exponential risk.

Moreover, the tangible effects of these crises and the worries they trigger do not just affcet economies and habits, they also affect societies and ssocieties, judicial systems that ensure the continuity of social order, and the methods and principles on which the judicial systems are based.

Especially at times of epidemics and pandemics which largely limit outdoor activities, maintaining the functionality of the judicial systems and protecting the said principles.

Papilon, created #StayInside Smart Notification System to keep countries from having to choose between citizen wellbeing and justice.

The system allows the citizens who are freed on bail, or about whom the judicial process continues and thus are subject to travel restrictions perform their obligation to notify the government. Thanks to the system, the said persons can inform the authorities that they abide by the rules and remain in the areas they were restricted to without going out and physically signing papers. The system allows the authorities to monitor the people on bail and patches the cavities created by international emergency situations and health problems. Thanks to the system, attempts to benefit from limited outdoor activity and go AWOL can be blocked, in addition, the abuse of such emergency situations can be prevented. The system also decreases infection risk posed by the crowds and queues at notification centers.

#StayInside Smart Notification System ensures the continuity of routine judiciary processes and law enforcement activities while eliminating helath risks. That way, law enforcement officials can direct their energies and focus on matters of urgency and greater importance.

The system is designed in forms of web and mobile applications for easy access and user friendliness.

Once they go to the website of the system or download its app, all the users need to do is to use their devices’ cameras to capture their faces.

#StayInside Smart Notification System

scans the faces via device camera and sends the scan to the central system for inquiry.

All this process is completely automatic and requires no input from the user. The system compares the digitized facial data with the data kept in the central system and returns a match result in a very short time, depending on the user’s equipment and signal quality, and verifies the identity of a user in seconds.

The whereabouts of the subjects can be determined from the Ips from which they perform the verification, and citizens can abide by their obligation to notify without leaving their houses, even in the hardest of times and in a matter of minutes.

Papilon’s #StayInside Smart Notification System ensures that security and social government functions are immune to social crises and unexpected occurances, and prevents emergency and confusion from causing irregularities and problems within the justice and social service systems. We invite all the authorities responsible of a group’s wellbeing and safety to use try our solutions and be prepared against all the challenges of governing and administration.