#StayInside Smart Notification System

Civil Procedures

In the global and interconnected world of 21st century, health is a concept that surpasses individual and regional boundaries. Global public health is a hot topic, and the overall wellbeing of world’s population is now determined by global parameters as an outbreak a health crisis, deficiency of sanitation infrastructure, or even the excessive use of pesticides at one point of the world may cause health conditions to spread over continents. Such scenarios of spreading illnesses, and in extreme cases, pandemics may strike governments and judicial authorities with confusion and a sense of hurry for such crises threaten the continuity and functionality of social government systems that

ensure public safety and peace.

Thanks to Papilon’s #StayInside Smart Notification System keeping these procedures alive and intact even at ties of crises and curfews, or limited outdoor activity is possible.

In many countries, it is mandatory for certain groups of citizens, asylum seekers, and immigrants to inform the government of their situation and whereabouts. This data is used to measure the effectiveness and fairness of social welfare distribution. These control procedures ensure that immigrants, permanent residents, citizens in need and are entitled to social support, asylum seekers and grantees benefit from the rights and services given to them properly, and the material benefits of such programs are not abused in form of attempts to receive multiple benefits using the identity of one person, taking hold of benefits or aid assigned to another person following that person’s death, or misused in . Papilon’s #StayInside Smart Notification System carries these controls to digital platform and uses the only data type that could not be copied, stoleni or lots; biometric data, to verify the identities of subjects, and offers high levels of preciness and accuracy that could not be possible with manual methods such as signing a register. By changing the venue of such procedures from offices to homes, #StayInside Smart Notification System allows the authorities to cut back on costs, to devote their energy to matter of urgency and importance, and manage control procedures with ease.

The system is designed in forms of web and mobile applications for easy access and user friendliness.

Once they go to the website of the system or download its app, all the users need to do is to use their devices’ cameras to capture their faces.

Papilon’s high-tech real time face recognition software SnapFace scans the faces via device camera and sends the scan to the central system for inquiry.

All this process is completely automatic and requires no input from the user. The system compares the digitized facial data with the data kept in the central system and returns a match result in a very short time, depending on the user’s equipment and signal quality, and verifies the identity of a user in seconds. The whereabouts of the subjects can be determined from the Ips from which they perform the verification, and citizens can abide by their obligation to notify without leaving their houses, even in the hardest of times and in a matter of minutes.


The system also enables people suffering from debilitating diseases, physical disabilities, and heavy responsibilities to abide by their obligation to notify without leaving their houses and at times when outdoor activities are restricted due to security or health concerns, ensures the safety of citizens and officers.


Papilon’s #StayInside Smart Notification System ensures that security and social government functions are immune to social crises and unexpected occurances, and prevents emergency and confusion from causing irregularities and problems within the justice and social service systems. We invite all the authorities responsible of a group’s wellbeing and safety to use try our solutions and be prepared against all the challenges of governing and administration.