It has long been understood that watching or playing sports is more than a leisurely activity; they are among the passions of heart, a love affair. The unpredictability of the end and the excitement it creates, the desire to belong and to taste the ancient sense of victory, to be the winner in at least in one area… Regardless of the reasons behind it, it is a fact that sports, especially football, appeals to the feelings of the masses. However, it is also a fact that sports is a medium for our power plays and victory parades.. The need to assert oneself is a gift from our primitive ancestors that consists of rituals we perform to emphasize that the area belongs to us, there we have the upper hand, and that we cannot be defeated, we are safe. Unfortunately, if our team, or rather clan, fails to perform in a way that verifies our vision of grandeur, the disappointment might reveal itself through emotional outbursts, or worse, violence; with all kinds of objects thrown to the field, the seats that have been removed and used as weapons, even planned acts of vandalism ...

Preventing such excessive behavior is a matter of discipline and willpower.

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In other words, the stadium experience can be very instructive and maturing. But stadiums need a disciplinary system to perform these functions. The banning of the fan group because of the members who step over lines, who tend to be violent, and use inappropriate language, can be perceived as punishment rather, and cause anger. Moreover, such a measure can also cause and unfair system in which fans who follow proper conduct are also banned from attending matches.

Papilon Stadium Security solutions are designed to support peaceful sports events and enhance entertainment.

They are designed to encourage proper conduct in stadiums and reflect the principle of fairness embedded in professional sports.

With the biometric turnstiles that can work in integration with the equipment used for the control of fan-passes and tickets at the entrance of the stadium, the identity of the fans are verified. That way, it is ensured that the information of the person identified with biometric scanners matches the information displayed on tickets or passes. The fans who pass the ID-verification step proceed to sit at the spots indicated on their tickets. In order to ensure that fans are seated in the order specified on tickets, Papilon’s real-time face recognition software SnapFace is integrated to the CCTV cameras overseeing the stadium. With SnapFace, it can be determined whether the fans are sitting at the correct spot and the so-called seat fights that generally ignite the stadium even before the match starts, can be prevented.

Papilon’s Nuitrack action tracking and skeleton analysis software, integrated into the cameras like SnapFace, analyzes the moods and actions of the fans. Thanks to Nuitrack, emotions that may be the precursors of later outvursts and problematic behavior, such as excessive anger and anxiety, are detected and the personnel responsible for the stadium security is warned. Nuitrack’s skeleton analysis recognizes over one hundred acts such as throwing, hitting, attacking with an object, and many other actions that indicate a tendency for extcessive behavior or violence. As SnapFace and Nuitrack work in coordination, the identities of persons who act inappropriately can be detected and security personnel can take the necessary steps to re-establish order without the burden of scanning a large group and trying to determine the source of the outburst.

SnapFace instantaneously analyzes the CCTV foorage, and immediately identifies the people who display inappropriate behavior. This instaneousness of SnapFace analyses constitute the backbone of effective and timely intervention and plays a great role in maintaining a peaceful atmosphere at stadiums. In addition to these, Papilon’s Biometric Scanning with Drone system can be used for a bird-view of the stadium. This technology is ideal for object-recognition. Mostly, lateral-view is not enough to detect any objects that may cause harm to the stadium equipment, players, or the fans. With drone-scanning, these objects can be detected and confiscated if needed. This system, which performs real-time identification with drones from the air, can recognize and identify each face entering the shooting area from the desired height as long as the area between the eyes measures fifty pixels or more. That way, only people who act contrary to the civil entertainment purpose of the sport and display unethical attitudes can be identified and sorted. Thus, an entire fan group is not punished and a mass reaction is prevented.

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Papilon’s security solutions offer answers to the question


regardless of the setting, the density of the crowd, or the situation. Thanks to our flexible and scalable solutions, you can be assured of the security of a certain area with little effort.