Real-Time Facial Analysis Software

• SeeMetrix

(noun): A software that measures consumer satisfaction and analyzes consumer behavior with real-time facial analysis.

What is SeeMetrix?

Seemetrix is an emotion and reaction analysis software that could be used in interactive billboards or in-store ad screens and monitors. Thanks to the data provided by Seemetric, brands and businesses can understand what their customers want and build their business strategies with the guidance of their targeted audience.

How Does SeeMetrix Work?

Primary function of Seemetrix is to analyze the human face. It performs emotion and reaction detection using the reference points (certain muscles) on the human face. It analyzes their movement and matches the gesture to a certain emotion or reaction. By analyzing eye movements, Seemetrix is able to tell how many seconds of attention the customer paid to a certain ad, and by analyzing faces; it could tell whether the customer’s reaction to the ad had been positive or not. In short, Seemetrix is here to tell you whether a customer is likely to buy your product or not.

Why SeeMetrix?

1- Seemetrix Respects Your Data

Seemetrix analyzes human faces without storing them. This means that all information offered by Seemetrix is anonymous and comes in statistical form. Seemetrix deletes all real-time footage right after analysis. Seemetrix only offers a new and technological way of doing market research and ensures that valuable human capital is devoted to more creative tasks and respects your data privacy while doing that.

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2- Rich Reference Data

Data becomes meaningful only when it is linked to other data that would contextualize and complete it. So, the useability and meaningfulness of data depends on how many data types the system collects and how it forms correlations. Seemetrix determines a subject’s age, gender, attention span, and emotional reaction ensuring that a detailed portrait of the potential vustomer could be drawn.

Where To Use Seemetrix?

Seemetrix can be used in interactive billboards and in-store ad screens and monitors to determine the ideal customer and measure customer satisfaction.

When Will You Need Seemetrix?

You will need Seemetrix when you want to know how your services are received by the public or whether your new product will be met with a positive reception, when you want to make your investments, design your prodcuts, or plan your releases with the guidance of a smart, new technology, and increase the efficiency and profits of your organization.

Who Can Use Seemetrix?

Seemetrix can be used by every brand and business that want to better interact with their target audience, and use their feedback to shape the future of their organizations.


Real-Time Facial Analysis Software



Data collection, attention span, age, gender analysis

Embedded statistics server

Real time data collection and analysis

Respects the subjects’ personal and data privacy

Seemetrix does not take or store photos or footage of the subjects

All images entering the system get instantly analyzed and deleted within seconds

The system supports Android, iOS, and Linux. R&D work continues to include Chrome OS into the list


Superior gesture and behavior analysis skills
API for white label system and application development
Simultaneous analysis
Webcam and 3D sensor support