“The newborn baby’s footprint is the same as the mother’s fingerprint.”

Papilon proved it with the “Safe Baby” Project. It’s an urban legend!

We attach the baby to his mother with a footprint.

As soon as the newborn baby is born, one of the routines applied in the hospital is to remove the baby’s footprints. In addition to this permission, the birth date, gender, mother’s name and surname and the mother’s fingerprints are taken into the birth registry and the identity of both the baby and the mother is diagnosed. Babies in the hospital are prevented from mingling.

Compared to trace quality, baby footprints are lower quality than adults. During the receiving of the footprints of the newborn baby with ink, due to the low trace quality, adverse conditions are experienced. During recording, the slippage and the inappropriate amount of ink causes poor quality records to be taken.

Your baby will be identified in the hospital with a digital footprint.

The demonstration of the technological correctness of “This baby’s mother is this person” is possible by digitally receiving and questioning the baby footprints. With Papilon Safe Baby System, digital baby footprints are stored by associating the mother’s thumb. Therefore, the baby’s footprints and fingers of the mother’s thumb can be examined at any time and the baby’s confirmation can be made.