Re-Defining Our Horizon: Papilon Settles on the Saddle for a New Journey

As the last quarter of 2021 nears, Papilon enters a routine phase of reflection and goal-setting. Papilon’s annual team gatherings have started this week. Each day, a team comes together to share its annual experience and output with the leadership, to reflect on their decisions, to express their needs and expectations, and to set new goals for the upcoming year. The gatherings bring teams, team leaders, branch coordinators, and the CEO together to achieve a diverse and equal discussion where everyone has a voice. This year, the gatherings will be separated into sessions due to the pandemic and will be led by our new CEO Mr. Oral Tugay Tuntaş. Many of Papilon’s big launches and projects are products of these meetings. In addition to seeing the road ahead and setting new horizons, the gathering also serves to strengthen organizational culture by encouraging dialogue, equality of opportunity, and the creation of new ideas. We have big plans and a bigger zeal for the year to come. We hope that soon, the sector will hear the echoes of these discussions and decisions.


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