A Face Recognition Software

• Pyuz

(noun): A face recognition software based on recorded visual materials such as photographs and videos.

What is PYUZ?

PYUZ is Papilon^s face recognition software that does face recognition from photographs and videos. Unlike some face recognition systems, PYUZ is able to recognize faces from moving image, such as videos or CCTV footage. This feature allows PYUZ to run queries from videos, and is especially useful in processing visual evidence collected from crime scenes. Thanks to it, suspects and criminals can easily be identified from security footage. Thanks to its cross-referencing feature, PYUZ can run inquiries from video footage in the photograph dataset and the vice versa.

How Does PYUZ Work?

PYUZ is a face recognition software relying on photofit sketches and models, headshots, other photographs, and videos. PYUZ datasets can contain biometric photographs taken with a Papilon device such as FK-2T and/or photographs taken with different equipments, cameras, photographs transferred to the system via document scanners, videos, CCTV footage, or photofit models that are created with hand or a photofit software such as Papilon’s KLIM 3D. All this visual can be utilized in running identification and verification queries. PYUZ codes faces by using anthropometric stereotypes and the established concepts and compares the coded images to the already-coded samples in the dataset. After comparing the visuals, PYUZ lists match results in decreasing resemblance/match rate order. Thanks to its solid matching algorithm, PYUZ displays the right candidate at the top of the list, however, the operator is free to do a double-check or weigh the results with a human – and an expert – eye.


1- Identification from Photos and Videos

Standard face recognition softwares use photographs to run inquiries. PYUZ, on the other hand, can use both photographs and video content eliminating the extra step of the system’s breaking the footage down into frames, and thus provides faster results.

Papilon Pyüz
Papilon Pyüz

2- Automatic and Manual Coding

Faces entered into PYUZ are coded automatically before inquiry. Automatic coding sets reference points for the matching algorithm to identify or verify a given face. However, while working with low quality and low resolution images, experts may opt to code the face manually. Various coding options ensures time efficiency while allowing expert opinion to be actively decisive in the process.

3- KLIM 3D Integration

PYUZ can be integrated to Papilon’s photofit modelling software KLIM 3D. That way, the models created with KLIM 3D can be run in PYUZ dataset for suspect identification. The high quality of KLIM 3D models allows PYUZ’ matching algorithm reliably compare the said modules with photographs and faces taken from video frames. PYUZ’ matching algorithm lists the matches in decreasing resemblance order.  The overlaps in match lists provided for different models of the same suspect allows the experts to determine the real culprit in cases where the eyewitnesses convey differing descriptions about the suspect.

Papilon KLIM 3D
Papilon Pyüz

4- APFIS Integration

PYUZ can be integrated to Papilon’s signature service, APFIS. While creating biometric profiles in APFIS, people’s faces are added to their finger and palm print information. This creates a two-step biometric authentication system that guarantees matching accuracy. In cases where a visual record of the event is not possible, the suspect’s face can be found in minutes by running the suspect’s fingerprints in APFIS.

Where to Use PYUZ?

PYUZ is used by law enforcement authorities and public service officials for suspect identification and in identity verification.

When Will You Need PYUZ?

You will need PYUZ when you want to identify someone or to verify the identity of someone, when you want to perform reliable identifications when all you have is a low resolution image, and when you want to identify suspects.

Who Can Use PYUZ?

PYUZ is a facial coding and analysis system. The scientific principles governing this process requires PYUZ to be used by criminal investigators and biometrics specialists.


A Face Recognition Software


Ability to use video footage, photographs, and digital images in comparsion and matching

Ability to add subject description

Automated facial coding

Fast inquiry

Integratable to the central database


Integratable to APFIS
Integratable to KLIM 3D
User-friendly interface
Customizable modular structure
Platform flexibility (Operates on Linux, Windows etc.)






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