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APFIS is Papilon’s signature service. Since the day of its development, this fingerprint and palmprint identification and storage system aids law enforcement officials, military branches, and public service workers in their jobs by matching astonishingly large amounts of data with superior precision and speed. With APFIS, public official can manage many cases spontaneously without a confusing paperload.


Short for “Live Scanner App”, LS App is an umbrella term that defines the software behind high-quality Papilon scanners, multi-modular biometric workstations, and mobille and handheld registration and identification units.

Papilon Seemetrix is a powerful market research and consumer analytics tool relying on emotion and gesture detection and body tracking. By decoding the consumers’ reaction to a particular product or ad, Seemetrix tells service providers whether their next product will be a hit or not. That way, corporations can plan their next move with the guidance of their consumers. Seemetrix uses data responsibly and respects personal privacy.

Papilon Nuitrack is a system that uses data collected by RGB color-code sensors and depth sensors to create skeleton and face models and perform body tracking and gesture recognition.

Cartridge cases are real witnesses to crimes. Analyzing cartridge cases and bullets give vital information such as the range and angle of the shot that could lead investigators to the suspect in cases involving the use of firearms. Traditionally, ballistic experts perform analyses on bullets and cases to reveal the said information. However, this costs time and if the branches focusing on ballistic analysis are short-staffed, may lead cases remain unsolved. With Papilon’s automated ballistic identification system ARSENAL ABIS, multiple analyses can be performed simultaneously and with superior precision.

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Papilon face recognition software is behind high quality face scanners, its gesture and emotion recognition, real time face recognition and skeleton analysis applications.  It compares the pre-recorded data with faces in photos, video frames, or live footage, depending on the needs of the specific application, and performs identification and identity verification.

Thanks to Papilon’s flexible access control units, access to borders, laboratories that use and produce market-restricted and hazardous material, conduct important experiments, and store formulas to licensed or exclusive drugs, nuclear power plants, government archives where secret and top secret documents are kept, and many units at hospitals can be monitored and managed to ensure the security at these places.

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Until recently, many cases that could be solved in a matter of days remained unsolved due to lack of competent technology. Manual analysis of the evidence collected from crime scenes relied on nothing other than the precision of human senses which are prone to be misled especially about cold cases. Papilon’s criminal analysis tools, expert knowledge, experience and human senses get paired up with superior technology to solve criminal cases.

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Papilon’s live-scanning fingerprint scanners are designed to capture fingerprints and send them to a database for later inquiries. Each scanner is designed to be used in different situations and equipped with various capabilities that fit to the security needs of different organizations. Thanks to their impact-resistant design, Papilon fingerprint scanners can be carried to every corner of the world and are suitable to be used in the field. They can operate under extreme environmental and climatic conditions, and excessive moisture.


Live Scanner

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Live Scanner
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Finger and Palm Print Scanner

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Finger and Palm Print Scanner
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Flat Print Scanner

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Flat and Rolled Fingerprinting

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Flat and Rolled Fingerprinting
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Borders, migration bureaus, refugee camps, crime scenes, traffic… Places where the density of crowds and disorder can intervene with the critical registration and control processes, and increases the risk of error. Besides, traditional methods vastly fail to satisfy the needs of such organizations in a globalized world where migration is a hot topic. Papilon’s mobile solutions are designed to tackle these problems. You do not have to register people in cramped buildings or wait for a convenience to occur for a citizen or migrant to walk in and get registered. Their ergonomic and portable design makes them ideal to be used in the field. Their multi-functional and flexible structure enable them to meet any need that could arise in the field. They can handle many tasks from creating tenprint cards to taking photographs, from registering prints to running inquiries via local or central datasets. Papilon mobile units think ahead for you.


In today’s world where multi-step authentication is the norm, for public and private organizations and critical centers using multiple technologies for safety is a necessity rather than going the extra mile. Papilon access control systems offer high security combine traditional security measures such as automatic doors and turnstiles with biometric modules. Multiple biometric modules can be combined in one module to offer top level security. Papilon’s access control systems serve many purposes including measuring employee efficiency, limiting access to critical centers, laboratories, newborn units and ICUs. Plus, their flexibility allows for many modular combinations and areas of use to emerge.


Papilon’s iris-based systems consist of digitized iris data produced by Papilon Zirkon iris scanner and a dataset to store the said data. It operates as a space-efficient, stand alone access control unit. Thanks to its moveable head, people of different height can use the device with ease. The system guides the users with vocal instructions. As soon as the eyes get into the frame of the scanner, scanning starts automatically. The system sends the digitized scan to the dataset for inquiry. If a match is found, the system enables access, otherwise it blocks entrance. All this process takes less than two seconds.


Papilon face scanners detect more than one hundred distinctive points on the human face, and can recognize faces from visual material such as photographs or video footage, and from live faces. The reference points used by Papilon scanners in face recognition exceed the reference points used by other scanners on the market. This makes Papilon face scanners immune to be misled by accessories, beard, moustache, and face additives.

Papilon Fk3
Papilon Persee


Papilon’s virtual reality applications and glasses open the doors of new worlds to you! With Papilon’s virtual reality applications, you can transform into the heroes of the fireside stories and fairytales you heard as a child! You can live another time. In addition their entertainment-oriented uses, Papilon’s virtual reality solutions can aid you in a myriad of settings from hospitals to laboratories. All the components of Papilon’s VR solutions are produced with utmost attention paid to naturality and the reality of the experience, and it is ensured that the control is in the user’s hands.


Bullets are the real witnesses to crime. Examining bullets and cartridge cases give information about the gun used in the crime, the firing distance, which type of surface the bullet hit, from which angle it was fired and more. These pieces of information are key to solving crimes committed using firearms. Papilon’s ballistic scanner enables a thorough study of the bullet and the cartridge case.

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Papilon’s footprint scanners adhere to your safety. Papilon footprints scanners are with you at every step of the way to comprehensive security. Their flexible design make them ideal to be used in monitoring newborn units and ensuring the safety of babies, and in identifying suspects.


Criminals hide in details. However, many details and pieces of evidence left in crime scenes could not be detected with bare eyes, under ordinary lighting. With this awareness, Papilon produced devices that could allow the crime scene experts to examine and photograph pieces of evidence under special lighting. Thanks to Papilon’s criminal examination solutions, details that could not be emphasized or observed with fingerprint dust and tape could be studies thoroughly.