Prisons are one of the trivets of justice system and a healthy society.

Although glorifying prisons would be contradictory to the principles of a free and democratic society, it is undeniable that they are centric to the safety and peace of the society. The existence of pubishment is a deterring factor and a part of the system’s responsibilities to the victims. Moreover, prisons are on the milder end of the scale when you consider them within the history of punishment and rituals associated with it.

At the core of punishment via incarceration, there is the need to isolate the individual whose acts deviate from the societal conduct and deprive him from some of his rights to mirror the effect of his acts on the victim. Prisons also remin the society that the right to freedom can be taken back when abused, and some rights are part of the social constract existing between the members of the society and the state, and are subject to restrict ions if the said contract is violated. The practice of incarceration aims to show the society that citizenship is earned rather than granted and requires effort. This instructive function, if managed correctly, make prisons centers of rehabilitation. The education and vocational programs are proofs of that. Prisoners whose re-integrability to the society are tested within a limited crowd, thus have a second chance. On the other hand, prisons are places where dangerous criminals are kept from interacting with the society. This means that safeguarding practices employed at prisons require to be aptly balanced not to discourage prisoners from the aim of rehibilitation and returning into the society, and not to risk the security of the society. Of course, the pressing question here is “How?”

Prison security is an important component of societal harmony and peace. So, not to disrupt the rehabilitative process and not to communicate any lack of trust to people who strive to get better are of key importance. This requires a check on every individual and object coming from outside to break any possible connections with a criminal network to endure the criminal deed, and to ensure that nothing coming from outside intervenes the improvement of prisoners. This means that not only prisoners, but also visitors must undergo some searches and checks. In the traditional method, the visitors’ names, addresses, and their relation to the prisoner are recorded and manual searches are performed.

There are two main problems with this method; first, the demographic information of the visitors mean nothing if not contextualized properly, and of little use in cases of emergency. Plus, such manually-taken records are open to manipulation, may be misleading, or false. The second problem with the traditional möethod is that it is invasive.

Papilon’s prison security services use the only data type that cannot be copied, stolen, or changed to ensure the security of prisons and the society, and to protect physical and psychological integrity of the visitors; biometric data.

PAPILON Cezaevi Güvenliği

Papilon’s biometric scanners are integrated to the central biometric data management and storage system APFIS. Thanks to the vast and meaningfully organizaed datasets of APFIS, the system can tell whether the subject had been involved in any illegal acts and even can detect their involvement in unsolved cases, in seconds. That way, it can be easily determined whether the visitor has any illegal ties with or provides any illegal aide to the prisoner. This information is especially useful in breaking down organized crime networks and gangs and preventing the damage they might do to the society.

The failure to monitor the visits may result in all the efforts towards rehabilitation and fighting crime turn in vain. Prison security is also aid the authorities in determining whether prisoners are benefiting from the rights given to them and whether the rehabilitative programs prove to be effective. In such a rehabilitation process, maintaining bonds with the ourside world nourishes plans for a future and are key to success. However, it is also important to monitor such bonds closely to prevent their abuse.

Beyond and ahead of visitors, the main subject of prison security are the prisoners. Watching the cells with CCTV is both intrusive and might hurt the rehabilitation process. However, monitoring only the common areas may prove insufficient as monitoring should be extended to bail procedures and a dtermined habituation period following the release.

Papilon’s viometric photography units FK-2T and FK-3 are designed to provide the authorities with the tools to perform not constant but effective monitoring. FK units will sace time and effort to law enforcement authorities while ensuring that the subjects are defined and are known thoroughly by the system. This enables the quick detection and monitoring of the subjects who act against the conditions of their parole, who intend to continue criminal activity, or plan to be involved in another criminal act.

FK-2T and FK-3 takes high quality viometric photographs of the subjects.

In addition, these units are equipped with height and weight measurers and allow the officers to document the subjects’ distinctive physical features such as scars, tattoos, or birth marks to offer a complete profile of the subject. The biometric photographs and the photographs of the subjects’ distinctive features can be added to the etenprint cards kept in APFIS to offer an easy-to-use, inified source of information, and to enable contextualized prisoner profiling.

Papilon Savunma - Biyometrik Kimlik İş İstasyonu(MDS-45C) ile Fotoğraf Sistemi(FK-2T)
Papilon Savunma - Biyometrik Kimlik İş İstasyonu Fotoğraf Sistemi(FK-2T)

FK units are integratable to Papilon’s high tech. Finger and palm print scanners. Due to occupational accidents, or skin problems caused by one’s living and work conditions may cause the papillaru lines in fingerprints become deformed. In some cases, prisoners knowingly deform their fingertips to mislead the authorities. The wide scanning surface of Papilon scanners can scan palms and prevent such attempts. The same equipment can be used to keep accurate and automatic visitor entry and exit logs. To prevent health hazards from coming into contact with devices that had been used by thousands of people before, Papilon offers no-contact iris and face scanners. Thanks to the iris and face scanners, the visitor checksl, the morning and night countings, registration, transfer, and parole procedures can be conducted effectively.

Alternatively, the scanners could be offered in the form of e-gates that combine Papilon solutions together. If needed, thermal cameras could be integrated to the modules and combinations to offer no-contact body searches through objects recognition. When a person carries an object on himself, whether that be a pen, a napkin, or a box, the temperature of the body on which the object is placed increases. Thermal cameras detect such temperature changes and allow the officers to detect the objects carried by visitors without physical contact or manual searches. The no-contact searches save time and protect the visitors’ rights.

Papilon turnike

Registering visitors through biometric units offer their visit pattern, the logs also offer valuable information to officers to measure the efficiency of rehavilitative efforts or to determine possible criminal bonds and networks. The no-contact units prevent stampedes and dense crowds to form and minimizes the risk of infection, violence, or negligence.

Lastly, Papilon’s video monitoring system allows as many as ten areas to be monitored from the same screen, instantaneously records all the footage taken with all the camreas placed within a space, archives and retrospectively plays that footage with original sound. With this system, Papilon offers a singular yet comprehensive, no-details-missed monitoring system that is both space efficient and economic. The movement and light sensors on the cameras alarm the security personnel if significant activity is detected. Access to the system can be restricted. In accordance, the personnel authorized to use the system may be granted access to a portion or all of the records. To use the systemi the personnel use their unique usernames and passwords. That way, the security in the anme of the system becomes an intrinsic component of the solution.


Our prison security system, which we offer as a concept, can be implemented fully, can be integrated to the exsiting systems ina ste-by-step manner, or separate units constituting the system could be used on their own. If you would like to know which composition and scale is right for you, Papilon is here to help.


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“Yaşamdaki en basit şeyler, en sıradışı olanlardır; sadece bilge kişiler onları anlayabilir.”– Paulo Coelho

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Not: Test sürüşüne katılmak isteyen tüm paydaşlarımızın See&Sign web sitemizden bize ulaşmalarını bekliyoruz. Test sonrası uygulamalar en kısa sürede kullanıma sunulacaktır.