Prisoners’s biometric data such as 10 fingerprints and palm prints to be taken during the registration process,and their photographs will be gathered together. With this information, every action that the prisoner can make outside will be monitored. In these systems which have especially a great importance in return control of a permitted, commissioned convict or a convict going out for hospital visit, follow-up of the individuals could be done based on fingerprint data.

The most important privilege of the Papilon Prison System

is the use of 10 finger data in person verifications. Movements can be monitored instantly by management and the information required to the National Judiciary Informatics System (UYAP) can also be digitally transmitted. The information may also be used as national identification data, if requested by other law enforcement agencies.

The scanner in the system scans every finger and palm track in seconds without any wet or dry separation.

Prism, which includes the latest innovations of optical technology and used in the transparency of diamond, 

provides a 40% clearer output compared to ordinary scanners.

In addition to working without need any centralized system, the system has the ability to monitor and report the actions of prisoners. It can be used at all control points immediately after the imprisoned and convict’s registration is completed.

For the first time in the world, ten finger and palmprint data are questioned with 100% accuracy in biometric structure with boundary value method instead of hybrid structure.

In daily use, faster results than traditional methods are possible with the new technique used in the system.

Visitor tracking with modular and flexible infrastructure of system which can count smoothly and fast in practical use with it’s self-cleaning properties regardless of whether it is dry or not without using stamper can be integrated with new modules such as monitoring the movements of the prisoner inside the building. It is a low cost, high verification, no centralized system requirement, synchronous capable prisoner polling, entry, exit and duty tracking system.