Papilon’s Journey to Bhutan

Papilon Haberler Bhutan

Papilon’s last journey to Bhutan was filled with enriching business experiences as well as spiritual ones. Our team visited the Kingdom of Bhutan to install a comprehensive biometric system that covers all the needs of the Bhutani law enforcement. Our encompassing system included biometric photography station FK2T and LS fingerprint scanners that operate with our very own LS software. The Papilon team started to hold educational and informative meetings with Bhutani Police Force almost immediately upon their arrival. By presenting our products with depth and breadth, and educating the law enforcement officials on the features and applications of our systems, Papilon’s team proved that working in the innovation sector requires a lot more than just developing new products in accordance with the tastes and demands of the market, and firms like ours are also responsible for educating both the potential users and the general public about our technologies. In their spare time, “the Papilon Squad” hiked for hours to see the infamous Tiger’s Nest; the shrine that is known as the birthplace of Buddhism.


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