Papilon Savunma is a member of SSI

Papilon Savunma SSİ Üyesidir

Papilon Savunma Güvenlik Sis. Bil. Müh. Hiz. İth. İhr. San. ve Tic. A.Ş has completed its membership process to the Defence and Aviation Exporters Association on 01.06.2017.

Partaking in the Central Anatolian Exporters Associaton, Defence and Aviation Exporters Association has 450 members and supporting transportation of Turkish Defence Industry exports.

The fundemental step to provide a competitive structure and integration to the international market of the Defence Industry, which has an important place in the national economy with its R&D investments and employment contribution, is to increase the industrial export.

Papilon Savunma is ready to keep up its pre-membership contribution with the new steps after the completion of its membership to the association.


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