Papilon Presents The New Solution for Penitentiaries to The Business Partners.

Papilon Yeni Cezaevi Çözümünü İş Ortaklarına Tanıtıyor.

Papilon Savunma presented the new and ready solution to the 4 Turkey-wide expert solution partners.


The solution full of innovation CZV01 is developed to enroll fingerprint records compliant to UYAP, FBI and TURKNIST (Security General Directorate, General Commandship of Gendermarie, Directorate General of Migration Management) and identitiy verification of daily entrances and exits of the prisoners in Turkey. The scanners are designed by keeping breaking the imported product dependency in mind, produced and introduced to satisfy necessities of the domestic governmental institutions. With our products, customer technical support is guaranteed for 24/7.

The solution is designed for enrolling and verification by palmprint scanners. Both the scanner and the software are produced by Papilon. The scanner’s high quality image acquisiton ability in seconds regardless to dryness or wetness of the fingers and palms is observed and admitted by the participants during presentations. It is seen that the crystal clear image acquisiton prism which uses the most recent innovations of the optical technology provides 40% better image acquisition results than the ordinary scanners in the industry.


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