Papilon Left Its Mark on the Kingdom of Bhutan

Butan Krallığı’nda Papilon Savunma Damgası

Papilon APFIS and LS is Installed on the 4 Cities of the Kingdom of Bhutan


As the first and only commercial relationship subject between the Republic of Turkey and the Kingdom of Bhutan, installation of Papilon APFIS and Live Fingerprint and Palmprint Scanning (LS) Application is completed on the 4 different cities of Bhutan, as well as the capital city Thimphu, where the system mainframe and main police headquarters are situated. 16 live fingerprint and palmprint scanning stations and 2 APFIS workstations which are used for tenprint and latent searches included to the mentioned system. The current capacity of the system is 1 million of tenprint records (including palmprints, mugshots and demographics) and 10 thousand latent records (latent fingerprint and palmprints).


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