Papilon is in Macedonia with the World’s Fastest and Most Accurate Biometric Systems

PAPILON Makedonya

Papilon met the new years by adding new destinations to its international network. In the first week of February, Papilon was in Macedonia upon the invitation of Macedonian Minister of the Interior Mr. Oliver Spasovski. During their three day visit, Papilon representatives joined meetings with senior public officials of Macedonia. The main topic of discussion during the meetings was how the world’s fastest and most accurate biometric technologies could be utilized to improve Macedonia’s domestic security. During the meetings attended by Mr. Spakovski and  Macedonia’s Chiefs of Criminal Investigation and Police, Papilon’s examples from Papilon’ forerunner technologies such as automated finger and palm print identification system (APFIS), face recognition systems known as PYUZ, and ballistic analysis tool ARSENAL – ABIS were introduced.

On this note, we sincerely thank Macedonian officials for their interest in Papilon technologies and for hosting this meeting which, we are sure, was fruitful for both sides, We also would like to share our delight for we are about to host Macedonian officials in Ankara.


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