Papilon is in Bangkok for Tri-Service Asian Defense & Security 2019 Fair!

Papilon Haberler Tayland

Nowadays, Papilon’s headquarters in Ankara is the scene of a productive hustle and bustle. Our team dedicated to spread Papilon’s high quality solutions all around the world is now in Bangkok for Tri-Service Asian Defense & Security Exhibition, Conference, and Networking Event. Our devoted team is sharing the advantages of Papilon solutions and “the Papilon vision” in general with interested participants from both the public and private sector and spreading our peaceful security net wide. This year’s event is especially meaningful because of its theme, the power of partnership. This theme accentuates the advantages of cooperation over conflict and validates our long-held belief that the security and welfare of the global society cannot be achieved through evasionist and isolation-oriented policies and solutions but through approaches that lean on cooperation, information-sharing, and international effort for efficiency. Among the esteemed visitors who honored us by visiting our stand, there was Turkey’s Ambassador to Thailand. We sincerely thank Mr. Ambassador for his visit and would like to vocalize our joy and pride in sharing the mission of serving to our homeland and to the world with him.

During the event, our team also met with high-ranked officials from the Thai government, upon a special invitation from a general at Thailand’s Ministry of Defense. Our team and Mr. General discussed possible cooperation scenarios and business links to be established between Thailand and Turkey to enhance the influence of the two countries in the tech sector to support their economic advancement.


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