Papilon In Maldives

Papilon Haberler Malidives

A team from Papilon visited the beautiful island nation of Maldives upon a special invitation and met with high ranked officials from law enforcement agencies and senior executives of various enterprises, and had the opportunity to present Papilon’s high-tech solutions and products. The visit enabled a unique exchange of ideas between Papilon and Maldivian officials.

Following a general presentation about Papilon’s history, research and development and business endeavors, the Maldivian officials were introduced to Papilon’s solutions through presentations and product demos. Upon the presentations about APFIS and other Papilon technologies ranging from various mobile and stable units, Maldivian officials noted that our solutions in global use act as a guiding model for many countries who aim to strengthen their security structuıes.

Maldivian officials were impressed by Papilon’s success in operating the largest biometric system in the world in Turkey, and stated that although their country hosted a smaller population, they could also benefit from biometrics-based solutions.


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