Papilon Flaps Its Wings Towards Nepal

Papilon Haberler Nepal

Having entered the South Asian markets three years ago by installing a central AFIS system in Kingdom of Bhutan, Papilon now extends its reach towards Nepal. In past September, a team of specialists from Papilon visited the country upon a special invitation, and presented our biometric systems to the Nepali public officials. During these meetings with Nepal’s senior officials, Papilon’s high-tech solutions and systems were exhibited and trial runs were offered. Officials who were impressed by Papilon’s successful and innovative business record in Turkey and Bhutan, a country which they closely observe due to geographical and cultural ties, stated that they would be happy to see Papilon systems in their country as well.

In addition to these formal contacts, Papilon’s team also came together and exchanged ideas with Nepali representatives of the sector and discussed current and prospective collaboration opportunities.


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