Papilon Attended International Nuclear Power Plants Summit

Papilon, Uluslararası Nükleer Santraller Zirvesi’nde !

Papilon Defense attended The International Nuclear Power Plants Summit held in Istanbul, on March 5-6.

In the event, Papilon’s advanced Critical Facility Safety products and systems were presented to experts under the theme. “We care about lives.” During the event, “Caring about Nature”, one of our company principles was exhibited to the guests through our banners and brochures made of recycled materials to prevent cutting any trees.

International Nuclear Power Plants Summit is an event organized to provide the participants with;

  • Information about NPEES, latest developments concerning nuclear technology in Turkey.
  • Information about newest NPP projects, plans, products, and solutions.
  • Opportunities to form wide networks with many actors within the sector to ensure players’ endurability in the sector..

and is attended by senior executives from many domestic and international firms. 


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