Papilon at APara News

Papilon’s Master of Business Ms. Ayda Soyay had an appearance on the midday newscast on APara, a channel focusing on economic news. Ms. Soyay talked about our firm’s history, its business and development goals, and the worldwide business network the firm established. Emphasizing that the firm has established business links with thirty countries in as little as two years, Ms. Soyay stated that the firm is eager to grow and stands astute in the face of changes of tide and speed of times. During the interview, Ms. Soyay introduced Papilon’s finger, palm, and footprint scanning devices, iris and face scanners, and cmobile and criminal kits to the audience. Our biometrics-integrated multi-model doors (BEOGS) at Atatürk Airport were also brought up during the discussion. Speaking of our forty-two new R&D projects, most of which focus on AI and VR, and are expected to hit the market one by one in the course of the upcoming two years, Ms. Soyay told that they prove our dedication to kinetize the tech potential of Turkey.


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