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Papilon’s Master of Business Development, Ms. Ayda Soyay, was the guest of Güzem Yılmaz Ertem, the host of Bloomberg HT’s market analysis program Piyasa Hattı (Market Line).

Ms. Soyay, talked about the activities, investments, and goals of Papilon which is in the process of going public as of November 28.

The highlights of the conversation are as follows;

Stating that the company’s activities are centered around public security, Ms. Soyay said; “The issue of public safety has become a hot topic recently both in Turkey and around the world. The authorities are starting to increase the level of security to ensure that their citizens are safe. As Papilon, we have a record of research and development to come up with ways to contribute these efforts without bothering or unsettling the citizens. 25 out of our 53 employees work on R&D projects, and ten are focusing on business development.”

“We started to focus on our overseas business relationships and foreign investment.”

Ms. Soyay emphasized that the firm values foreign investments and said: “We are in contact with high–ranked public officials and private sector leaders of many countries. As our subject matter is the security of entire countries and encompassing security systems, it takes a while for us to see the fruits of our efforts. This year, we established business connections with twice as many countries as the last year, totaling the countries with which we are connected to 53, and it is our expectation that we can see the fruits of these efforts next year.

“One of our motivations in going public is getting known”

Ms. Soyay noted that one of the company’s goals in deciding to go public was to become known. “In this context, everywhere we go, we try to show our difference to senior officials from a variety of organizations by demonstrating the edge our holistic technologies offer. We show that our holistic, end-to-end technologies offer an encircling net of security enabling the officials to ensure the security of an entire country with just one system.”

“We are one of the six firms in the world working in this field.”

Ms. Soyay told that Papilon was one of the six firms in the world operating in this field. Ms. Soyay stated that Papilon made itself a place among the sector’s leading firms that were of German, French, and Japanese origin. Ms. Soyay stressed that this diversity among the firms shows that public security came under a universal spotlight which caused significant increase in the investments in the last five or six years.

“We will use %30 of our investment income to establish new partnerships.”

Ms. Soyay said: “We planned the first seven years of our company right at the start point, and decided that, in alignment with our future goals one of which was going public, we would dedicate our seventh year to internal reorganization, and would focus on growing our team. We started as a start-up company and as of now, we are entering our development period. 2019 was a year we reserved for internal restructuring and redefining our identity. However, it was not a still year by no means. We increased our investments, as I said before, our projects are long running ones aimed to establish security as comprehensive a concept as possible, and we have many overseas projects currently in the signing stage, so I believe we will see our efforts bear fruit very soon. For the next three years, we aim to triple our growth rates and reduce our foreign partnerships to a degree. It is our goal to become fully domestic as a firm. We plan to spend %30 of our investment income on our overseas business efforst and new partnerships. %20 will go to expenses, and %50 will be devoted solely to R&D.

Ms. Soyay also noted that the company did not have any debts or have a history of credit-use, emphasizing that the company’s growth is fully financed by its own funds.

Resorce: Bloomberg


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