The most common questions and answers

Domestic and foreign partners, based in Turkey, is a technology company of international market players.

Focused on two areas:

  1. Defense-Security Technologies
  2. Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence Applications

The physical and behavioral characteristics of each person are distinctive. It is the field of science which is based on making this discriminatory machine learnable and performing the distinguishing function by machine.

“Wherever a human being is.” who is the person at the scene of a crime or who is the person who pulled the trigger. While walking on the road, the degree of threat of the person next to us also guides the experts in solving problems such as identifying persons in every service process, preventing the use of fake documents and documents.
In addition, this science is functional in all areas that are “human, such as automatic crossing without the need to talk to the police at the border crossing, intelligent control to enter only the desired people into the home and office, authentication of the driver, segregation of people in the virtual world, personalized applications of education and health services.

Our basic philosophy is that our systems serve only the purchasing authority. For this reason, after the installation of our devices and systems; we deliver application control to the user with the finest code detail, show open doors and ask for action. Of course, crypto and so on. Although we use one-way applications, institutions should know their weaknesses and take precautions against it.

Holism. The whole structure of a system is dependent on the weak link. The weak link could be a database you didn’t produce yourself, an open-source library you don’t have control or a scanner or sensor you bought from a company. The lack of expected system behavior is due to this weak link. Since we don’t like weak rings, we work a little hard.

It is incredibly meaningful in our field. In a system with probabilistic results and based on the validity of these probabilities, there are dramatic differences in outcome between the amount of data being 1,000 and 1,000,000,000.
In a data group of 1,000 with an error of 1%, the inability to approve about 10 people is probably acceptable in a building entry-exit system.
However, when you use the same algorithm for a criminal investigation in 1,000,000,000 records, incorrect decisions can cause 10,000 people to be victimized, or the results may not be found.

We have a world map that we constantly update on this subject.

We have a few ways. First of all, we can search for answers to needs analysis, due diligence and how to increase the efficiency of the product independent with our basic level of free consultancy.
Second, we can provide specification support during a purchase process.
Another alternative is to do research and development together and produce them together.

That’s what we want to hear most. The Papilon family survives with these ideas. Whether you can join us as an employee; If you want, we would like to evaluate the ideas by collaborating with various methods and by doing business or research work.
We don’t like to go into advertising processes with fancy activities. We are open to everyone who wants to work result-oriented.

We are people who like to share and know the existence of social capital. We can accept any company, consultant or freelancer employee who can carry out business development activities by using their social relations on the subjects we focus on either corporate or individual.
At this point, we would like to see the economic value of social capital.

Our organizational structure is as horizontal a leadership model as possible. We do not need to emphasize the difference between a leader and a manager.
We have the notion of raising technical and business leaders with the philosophy of “Become a leader”.
Each leader has the right to choose the new team mate to whom he takes responsibility. On the one hand, it is responsible for carrying out development, and on the other hand, it must bring out productivity as part of the team in the completion of the work and operations under its responsibility.
In our organization, strategic management concepts and system approach are implemented through leaders.

Indeed. In the first 7 years maturation period; 5 + 2-year start-up strategy, 5 + 2-year change and growth strategy