Only for Freedom…

Papilon 29 Ekim

Ninety-seven years ago, today, a nation decided to  build its own destiny. A nation decided to live and to live free despite all the constructs that destined them to defeat. Ninety seven years ago, today, our people decided to ignore every compass that pointed at an unfree future, every solution that did not allow them to own their land, their language, and their identity, and the Republic of Turkey was born. However, this was not a simple change of regime. The First World War and the Turkish War of Independence took over two million lives combined. We learned then and there that only ones who are free can live fully and the cost of life in its fullest and truest sense is the lives of our own. Today, we know that the unforgettable cost of two million lives did not give us only borders, words, and a sovereign republic. They also gave us the courage to strive for and set up a new regine where the country, of power, and of the government; a regime for which the people are not servants but are those to be served. Those two million lives gave us the freedom to dare; to dare to advance, to put our word out there, to innovate and to be a player in the global scene. Today, as a part of that global scene, we would like to offer our deepest respect for those who had fallen  as we promise to go on our way to make this country a key force in global, responsible innovation. We thank them for the courage, for the institutions, for the freedom that allowed us to advance. Happy Republic Day!


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