• Nuitrack

(noun): A software that analyzes the face and skeletons to provide movement and gesture synchronization.

What is Nuitrack?

Papilon Nuitrack uses RGB color code and depth sensors to construct skeleton and face models. Analyzing nineteen main juncture points in the human body, and face bones Nuitrack creates full and analyzable models to be used in many applications ranging from VR to emotion analysis. 

How Does Nuitrack Work?

Nuitrack transmits face and skeleton structure to the digital sphere and codes and analyzes the faces and the human body. The coding feature allows Nuitrack to recognize acts such as “running” or “drinking” and emotions such as “happiness” or “sadness”. The information collected or created by Nuitrack can be used in various applications.

Why Nuitrack?

1- Action Recognition

Nuitrack can match certain moves of the limbs and muscles to actions. For example, it can code holding a glass, raising the hand, and raising the head as “drinking”. This means that Nuitrack speaks the same language as you as interprets human movements as you do. This makes Nuitrack a reliable reference especially for artificial intelligence applications; applications that are planned to “perceive” the world as humans do. Nuitrack can recognize a wide range of daily acts, and a series of violent acts that makes it tune well with security applications.

2- Emotion Recognition

Thanks to its face analysis feature, Nuitrack can make inferences about the subject’s emotional state. Ir refers to facial expressions to determine the subject’s reaction to a particular ad, event, or situation.

3- Gender and Age Analysis

By taking the bonar structure and the maturity fo the bones as a reference point, Nuitrack can make inferences about the subject’s gender and age.

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Where to Use Nuitrack?

Nuitrack can be used;

    • In every application that represent a turning point human-machine interaction,
    • In TVs that change channels or turn on and off on gestural cues.
    • In CCTV cameras to detect possible threats to public safety,
    • To detect escalating quarrels and fights in the traffic and open spaces that could eventually turn violent,
    • In VR applications to create motion synchronization between the avatar and the player,
    • In in-store CCTVs and interactive screens to prevent possible misconduct and analyze customer behavior.

When Will You Need Nuitrack?

Nuitrack represents a developing and exciting sub-discipline in computer science and technology; human-machine interactions. This means that you will need Nuitrack in almost every venue in a foreseeable future. You will need it when you want to open the door of your smart home to your daughter with a nod, when you want to park your car by giving hand directions to an app interface, when you want to discover a virtual world with all of your senses, when you want to learn what your customers really want and how can you serve them best. You will need Nuitrack for surgical simulations and applied learning. You will use it to educate incredible surgeons and highly skilled soldiers, great aviation and aerospace engineers, and yes, astronauts! You will also need Nuitrack for disaster simulations; to educate the public about how to protect themselves during disasters,  and to train the best emergency responders and crisis managers the world will ever see. So, if you are dedicated to build a better future, Nuitrack is a must have for your toolkit.

Who Can Use Nuitrack?

Since Nuitrack touches the lives of a wide array of people from end users to software developers, it would not be wrong to say that everybody can use Nuitrack. However, considering the app-writing processes with which Nuitrack’s abilities gain context and wider applicability, it could be said that Nuitrack’s ideal users are software developers.


Skeleton and Motion Tracking System for VR 


Motion synchronization for games

Touch emulation

Digital marking sales & supply chain analysis

Robot & computer vision


Independent from sensors used
Patented algorithms at the top of the sector
Supports Android, iOS, and Linux