No-Contact Public Security Solutions

The driver’s license checks at the entrance and exit points at city borders and busy highways, ID checks at crowded spaces prone to stampedes, vehicle searches and passenger checks amidst the traffic flow, and ID checks at the entrances of stadiums, concert halls, ballrooms… All these security procedures performed in the field bring law enforcement officials into contact with hundreds, even thousands, of people every day and make citizens to use equipment that had been used on countless other subjects. A grimmer scenario is when the said personnel perform all the checks manually causing bacteria and viruses spread to thousands, sometimes in the course of a day if the field-team is short-staffed.

Virology and microbiology research on everyday objects reveal that ID cards, driver’s license and credit cards are home to a more varied population and a greater number of bacteria than those can be found on money. Researches state that the bacteria infecting people from the said objects largely cause food poisoning and infection symptoms to appear. This means that the checks performed with touch-based devices and manuel checks create health hazards in a way that so starkly contrasts with the aim of those checks,

ensuring public safety and peace.

Beyond hygiene concerns, manuel controls leave open doors to people who are committing or aim to commit fraudulent acts using fake IDs and driver’s licenses. This brings us to the conclusion that both routine checks and checks aimed to solidify and enhance public security need to be performed with no need for physical contact, and they should be performed with means surpassing the labor and physical capacity of a handful of officers assigned to the case. In short, it needs to be neat and potent.

Having been aware of these necessities and the need for a new method, Papilon created No-Contact Public Security Solutions. The system offers fast and easy ID verification without the need for contact with a device or another human being.

The system comprises of mobile units designed to be used on the ground and in traffic.

Alternatively, the officers can use Papilon’s easy-to-use face recognition software SnapFace. SnapFace is integratable to mobile devices such as smartphones and Tablet PCs, and recognize faces from the images or recordings taken with the said devices’ cameras. SnapFace determines reference points on faces as soon as the face enters the camera’s range and sends the digitized facial data for inquiry. All these steps do not require operator intervention making using SnapFace as easy as pointing a camera.

The modules can be enhanced and enriched with additional units and devices such as thermal cameras that could measure fever from two meters to help the officers determine the citizens who may be suffering from infectious diseases and apply necessary measures.

Thanks to No-Contact Public Safety Solutions, police and gendarmerie forces can maintain public safety without health hazards that could threaten their or the citizens’ wellbeing. Papilon’s No-Contact Public Safety Solutions raise the bar when it comes to comprehensive public safety applications that concerns with the overall wellbeing of the societies. As Papilon, we invite you to explore your options without limits and one-size-fits-all solutions with us. It is an honor for us to be involved in any process that serves to the betterment of public and private service structures and enhance global welfare.