New Working Partner to the Serbian Police

Papilon recently signed an agreement with the Serbian General Directorate of the Police that will help Serbian police fight crime and adapt to the pace and methods of the rapidly changing technology age.

 Within the scope of the agreement, Papillon’s signature product Automated Fingerprint and Palmprint Identification System (APFIS) will be put into service of police stations. From its standalone models with wide non slip plasma surfaces that allows palmprint registration to its ergonomic mobile units that enable both registration and identification in the field, Papilon devices and scanners will join the Serbian Police in their fight against crime regardless of the environment or conditions. Our suitcase style mobile workstations and multimodal stable systems allow for in-office and even overseas operations. Accompanying them are our superior selection and matching algorithms and distributed system structure ensures lightspeed turnout and enables a capture time less than three seconds.

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