Don’t make your security the last task on your “To Do” List, don’t wait construction to end.

In a fast-globalizing and crowded world, security is a vital component of everyday life and an inalienable right. In such a scene, it is both impossible and ineffective to construct buildings at every corner to constantly monitor the safety of the human habitat. However, guaranteeing citizens the right of safety should know no boundaries or limits, wherever there is need, there should be solutions.

Spend your budget on bits not bricks!

We developed our mobile biometrics center with a realization of these needs, to help building secure living spaces without occupying much needed urban space. Papilon E&I vehicle is designed to fully manage a person’s biometric registration and depending on specific needs, it could be integrated with various biometric scanners and registration units.

Papilon E&I Vehicle is equipped with high-tech Papilon fingerprint and iris scanners that make the biometric registration of people from every age range possible. To register adults, we use Papilon’s FBI-certified LS-4421 fingerprint scanning module to harvest flat and rolled fingerprints,  whereas we use Zirkon-4 iris scanner for children under the age of fourteen. We also photograph each person using our biometric photography station and create comprehensive information cards containing a person’s photograph, biometric and demographic information. An automatic query starts upon the registration of biometric data and the center exhibits the subject’s criminal records using central databases. This process takes approximately seven seconds with a data pool of ten million records. In the case of compliance with a country’s policies and regulations, this process speeds the identity verification processes by eliminating the need for ID cards or other documentation that may be presented as proof.

Yous should not be spending it waiting for construction to end, installments to be made, or identities be proven via traditional means. 

Your time is valuable!

We invite you to the world of Papilon Mobile Biometrics Center where time and place becomes irrelevant to your security.