Mission Impossible: Escape From Fingerprints

Papilon - Parmak İzinden Kaçılamaz

Escape Plan of the FETÖ Terrorist Organization Members Has Been Failed by Fingerprint Identification!

On 25th of October, an operation was executed by the partnership of Fight Against Smuggling and Organized Crimes Group Management and Coast Guard Boat Commandership according to the information received about illegal immigration of 62 Syrians to the Samos Island of Greece, and it is detected that there are 3 high-level members of the terrorist organization FETÖ/PDY (PDY stands for Turkish abbreviation of Parallel Governmental Organization) among these illegal immigrants. The high-level members of the terrorist organization have hidden themselves as Syrians by only speaking Arabic, though they were identified as a result of fingerprint ID search.

Source: Hurriyet


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